Team Training for Teens in Canberra

(ages 12-22)

The Bear Athletic team also provides team training for those that wish to train together either at Bear Athletic or onsite with you, to increase optimal performance levels and overall team cohesiveness.

The services for teams provided by Bear Athletic include:

  • Strength and Conditioning programming and coaching onsite for your team
  • Individualised Strength and Conditioning programming for athletes
  • Rehab and Prehab sessions
  • Mobility and flexibility sessions
  • Conditioning sessions conducted either onsite or at Bear Athletic
  • Skills-based sessions to increase efficiency on the field  
  • Nutrition for individuals
  • Team-based nutrition plans
  • Team nutrition education sessions

If you're interested in any of the services listed above, contact us in the form below and we can discuss and make sure Bear Athletic is the best fit for your team and club culture and needs.


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Meet our Team / Group Trainer

Hi, I'm Peter Howard and I'm the founder of Bear Athletic.

I'm 24 years old and have a bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Human Nutrition.

I started Bear Athletic because I have a passion for athletic development and also because of the demand for privatised athletic development in the Canberra region (Lloyd et al., 2016).

I am extremely passionate about athletic development because of my experience with high-level rugby union and a large number of lifelong benefits that can be attained when an adolescent is properly coached and nurtured. Read more about me here.

Please feel free to ask me anything using the form below.

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