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Bear Athletic is a safe and inclusive training space for adolescents in Canberra to reach their maximum athletic potential. While reinforcing healthy physical, mental and nutritional habits for lifelong benefits and positive health outcomes.

Professional Athletic Development for Teens in Canberra

Bear Athletic teaches a broad range of strength and conditioning exercises and protocols to make sure you are exposed to the correct stimulus for the best possible outcome for you, these include:

  • Olympic lifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Callisthenics
  • Athletic drills and technique sessions
  • Flexibility and mobility session
  • General Hypertrophy
  • Proprioception based sessions

As well as participating in these sessions the athlete will also be educated on the importance of these sessions and the possible physiological outcomes for them from the specific training they are undergoing.

If you are interested in any of these and want to get in contact with Bear Athletic, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in contact with you to make sure Bear Athletic is the right fit for you and your goals.

Whether you want to play for your state, train to become the next sporting star or just want to improve your overall athletic ability and feel comfortable in a gym environment Bear Athletic will create a program to help you reach your goals and unlock your maximal athletic potential.

Bear Athletic provides customized programming to the individual's needs such as sports specific training including running macro, meso, and microcycles to peak and perform at your best when the time is needed. This is achieved by conducting a one on one session where the client is put through testing, battery as well as discussing long, medium and short-term goals to best fit the needs and wants of the individual.
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The Bear Athletic team also provides team training for those that wish to train together either at Bear Athletic or onsite with you, to increase optimal performance levels and overall team cohesiveness.

We focus on the fundamentals and proper movement patterns at Bear Athletic, which from evidence-based research has been proven to be the most effective approach to athletic development in adolescents and has the best possible future outcomes such as injury reduction (Myers, Beam and Fakhoury, 2017) (Costigan et al., 2019).
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We provide Nutrition Consults for all ages. Whether you need advice on how to feed your family more nutrient-dense meals or simply just want to feel better. We understand at Bear Athletic the direct link between diet and overall health outcomes and well-being this is why we offer a consultation service either in person or online.
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