My Story

Hi, I'm Peter Howard and I'm the founder of Bear Athletic.

I'm 24 years old and have a bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science and Human Nutrition.

I started Bear Athletic because I have a passion for athletic development and also because of the demand for privatised athletic development in the Canberra region (Lloyd et al., 2016).

I am extremely passionate about athletic development because of my experience with high-level rugby union and a large number of lifelong benefits that can be attained when an adolescent is properly coached and nurtured.

I had weight troubles growing up and severe bullying issues because of this, I am extremely passionate about both physical and nutritional literacy education for adolescents and having a safe and enjoyable training environment where the clients can just be themselves relax and have good quality training sessions with no fear of judgment or ridicule.

Physical activity and athletic development helped me overcome these severe bullying issues and represent Tasmania at a national level in rugby union for many years, this helped me increase my self-confidence and self-efficacy level which have transferred over to everyday life. As well as give me an insight into how atrocious the current athletic development scheme is for the adolescent age group

I am an evidence-based practitioner and keep up to date with all possible research I can, this helps me offer the best services to my clients, both for athletic development and nutrition and provide the best outcomes.

I am all about education and giving people the information to function in both the athletic sense and general life, as better educated individuals make better decisions especially when they are educated at an early age in both the importance and a large number of benefits that come from Physical Activity and Nutrition Literacy.
Bear Atheltic is currently run out of a facility in Jamison, Thrive chiropractor services run by Sam Bettison.

Bear Athletic is a safe and inclusive training space for adolescents to reach their maximum athletic potential while reinforcing healthy physical, mental and nutritional habits for lifelong benefits and positive lifelong health outcomes.

Because of the style of training at Bear Athletic, the athletes will be pushed both physically and mentally. Although athletes will never be directly training in mental toughness, due to the types of training at Bear Athletic, mental toughness will be an indirect benefit which has been shown to increase self-confidence both on and off the field. As well as increasing overall athletic ability and reducing the risk of injuries. (Myers, Beam, and Fakhoury, 2017)(Logi Kristjánsson, Dóra Sigfúsdóttir, and Allegrante, 2008).
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